Quality Policy and Company Strategy

AEV Ibérica, SL is a family business founded in 2001 dedicated to the supply of electrical insulation solutions for the electronic-mechanical sector and which is part of the AEV Group (Advanced Electrical Varnishes) which has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and the rest of headquarters in other countries.

Our mission is to supply all types of products, machinery and services always related to electrical insulation within the electromechanical industrial sector.

We put at the service of our clients the potential of a worldwide network of distributors, as well as the knowledge of the materials and their conversion and manufacturing techniques, which allows us to offer global support and advice.

The main activity of the company, since its creation, has focused on the following areas:

  • Distribution and technical-commercial support of the entire range of dielectric resins and varnishes manufactured in the AEV, Ltd. plant in England.
  • Importers and wholesalers of all kinds of electrical insulation materials.
  • Conversion and manufacture of all types of electrical insulation materials both rigid and flexible according to plans and specifications of our customers.
  • Own design and construction of impregnation plants (VI and VPI), curing ovens and other equipment related to the processing of AEV resins and varnishes.

Since early, the company has evolved very quickly, adapting to the rapid evolution of the Market Traditionally very conservative needs, to become a reference in the machining of the pieces According to the plan that our customers need and to provide solutions in regarding materials and machinery. Our customers are, above all, big national manufacturers but also from China, Vietnam and the USA. We have machinery projects distributed all over the world: Qatar, Australia, Chile, Basque Country, South Africa, Norway, USA ……..

Our strategic axis will continue to grow with our customers, contributing knowledge to be able to give solutions to about needs in an efficient way and at a competitive cost.

From AEV IBÉRICA, S.L. We want to offer our customers a comprehensive service of electrical insulation products, so we will continue to deepen, both in the comprehensive knowledge of our natural market and products, and implementing new technologies in our production that should allow us to consolidate and expand the company converting it in a Reference in Proposals of high added value for our customers, all those that NEED a supplier of complete solutions Within the field of electrical insulation, and especially aimed at the manufacturers of large motor and electric generators AEV IBÈRICA, SL, as a manufacturing company, converter and supplier of materials and machinery related to electrical insulation technology, maintains a permanent commitment to improve quality in all its processes, which is one of the essential elements that integrates and inspires our business policy.

The Quality Policy is adequate for the services of AEV IBÉRICA, S.L. It also includes a commitment to continuous improvement, providing the framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

For this reason, the Management of AEV IBÉRICA, S.L. considers it necessary to publish its principles in the form of quality policy to guide and inspire our performance and to serve to highlight the public commitment of our company.

With the ultimate goal of achieving excellence through the permanent improvement of the quality that we make available to our customers through our products and services, AEV IBÉRICA has developed a quality system in all its processes, based on the UNE regulations -eN-ISO-9001: 2015.

The policy is implemented, kept up-to-date, communicated to all the parties involved and reviewed at least once a year. To put these principles into practice, the Management of AEV IBÉRICA undertakes to:

1) That the ultimate and most important purpose of all our actions is aimed at satisfying and trying to exceed the expectations of our customers, through products and services of the highest quality.

2) Work to achieve a solid and sustained growth of the company in time that allows to offer all its collaborators and stakeholders a safe and stable environment to develop its full potential.

3) Manage, maintain and update our means of production and facilities to optimize productivity ensuring the safety of our staff, as well as respect for the environment.

4) Train, motivate and encourage our staff, providing an enriching and participatory work environment, to assume the policy of quality, mission and vision of our institution with the maximum guarantees of success. 5) Make innovation and continuous improvement a way of being and acting, not only in response to the current needs of our customers, but also as a means to adapt more quickly and anticipate changes in our environment.

6) Disseminate this quality policy to all levels of the organization, customers, suppliers and other interested parties, making it permeate and an indivisible part of each and every one of the actions that take place in the day and day of the company.

7) Adopt the necessary measures to comply with and enforce all interested parties the legal requirements applicable to our activities, as well as all those requirements of the Quality Management System implemented.

8) Periodically review the objectives and goals established in compliance with this policy, within the process of continuous improvement of our performance with respect to quality, redefining if necessary to adapt them to the changing reality of the environment where we operate.

9) Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Mataró, January 2018.

Helena Balateu