Vulcanized Fiber Boards

Vulcanized Fiber is made by combining layers of chemically gelled cellulose paper. The chemical compound used in gelling the paper is subsequently removed by leaching, and the resulting product, after being dried and finished by calendaring.
It is a compact and dense material showing an improved delamination resistance compared with hot pressed prespahn boards.



Electrical applications: The high dielectric strength and superior mechanical strength than standard press paper afford broad applications: washers, insulating plates, arc barriers, switch and appliance insulation and formed parts.
Good dielectric strength and superior arc resistance uses for electric motors, coils and transformers. Its high arc quenching characteristics are important in fuse tubes, lighting arrestors and switch plates.
Mechanical and structural applications: Excellent impact resistance, high compression resistance, wear resistance, and ease of fabrication/conversion allows for a wide range of applications such as: Material handling, washers and gaskets, abrasive disc backings and many more.