Ultimeg 2002 XT

Mono component
 epoxy resin curing oven
 For impregnation VPI VI and
 High coatability
 Solvent free
 Zero “V.O.C.”
 thermal class H (180 ° C)
 UL- (NºE220579)
 High performance product and completely free of organic volatile ( “0” V.O.C.), designed to vacuum-pressure impregnation (V.P.I.) rotating with wire coils and dry transformers requiring an exceptional level of mechanical and environmental protection machines.
 The cured resin film thickness reaches 50-100 microns and is suitable for computers that will be deployed in chemical plants, offshore and all kinds of difficult or aggressive environments environments.


The impregnating resin ULTIMEG 2002XT  solvent is a component monkey system which provides complete filling (100%) of the winding with exceptional mechanical strength at all temperatures up to the H (180) class.

This resin is specially formulated to combine a good penetration and high retention thick outer protective layer wire coils.

The product, when cured, displays a both mechanical and electrical exceptional properties throughout the working temperature range with high resistance moisture, chemicals and contaminants. Other important properties are its high heat transfer coefficient, lack autoignition temperature and excellent stability in tank.