Ultimeg 2002 L

Mono component
 epoxy resin curing oven
 By impregnating bath and VPI
 low viscosity
 Solvent free
 Zero “V.O.C.”
 thermal class H (180 ° C)
 UL- (NºE220579)
 zero Product “VOC” high performance and very low viscosity utility designed both for impregnation by immersion (bath) as vacuum impregnation-pressure (VPI) of transformers and reactors, as well as all types of rotating machines both winding preformed wire coil as nominal voltages up to 11 kV.
 Suitable for computers that will be deployed in chemical plants, offshore and all kinds of harsh environments.
  Ultimeg Brochure 2002 L


Impregnating resin Ultimeg 2002 L without solvent component is a monkey system which provides complete filling (100%) of the winding with exceptional mechanical strength at all temperatures up to the H (180) class.

Thanks to its low viscosity, the resin penetrates well into coils even when applied via dip / immersion.

Alternatively, when applied by VPI process coils with high thickness wrapping insulation, the resin has a high degree of penetration with good retention and low secondary drainage (which occurs in the early stages of oven curing) .

The product, when cured, exhibits excellent properties both as electrical mechanical throughout the working temperature range along with exceptional moisture and chemical resistance. Other important properties are its high heat transfer coefficient, lack autoignition temperature and excellent stability in tank.