Ultifase DMD (Phase Insulation)

The flexible laminate ULTIFASE DMD – acronym Dacron Mylar Dacron- is made from a polyester film coated PETP both sides polyester fiber nonwoven very fluffy. The polyester film provides good electrical insulation while not Dacron calendering provides a rough surface with large capacity for high absorption varnish.
 Once cured resin has a very compact appearance providing a solid structure.



ULTIFASE DMD is particularly suitable for use as insulation between phases heads of motors and generators, roughness and flexibility maintain the laminate in place throughout the impregnation process.


In coils 1000 mm wide and 25 kg (Other weights and widths available, please consult).

76 mm inner diameter.

Availability of all types of cut pieces to measure, stamped, folded, adhesivadas, etc.