Thermistors (PTC)

Thermistors (also known as “PTC- Positive Temperature Coefficient”) are made from a semiconductor material wafer in a ceramic capped. The semiconductor its electrical resistance rises abruptly from a certain temperature called “cut”. Depending on the composition of the thermistor semiconductor material used will have a temperature defined cut. They can be simple or linked as triplet to monitor each of the phases in a three phase machine.
 With no moving parts are very reliable and can make an unlimited number of operations.



Thermistors are used to disconnect the motor or transformer in the event of thermal overload. Thermistors are placed inside the windings and connected to an external electronic equipment. Thus this point the computer detects that the thermistor reaches its preset temperature and cutting machine can be switched off by a contactor or other suitable control equip.


Cutting temperatures from 80 ° to 190 ° C. In increments of 10 ° C.

single or triple (three phase) configuration.