Remikaflex Mica Tapes for RR

The Remikaflex range consists of mica tapes and flexible heat curable at room temperature.
 The tapes are composed of a calcined mica paper Remika (Muscovite) type, reinforced by a backing layer of variable composition depending on the type of tape. The mica paper may also be protected by the side opposite the support to prevent detachment of the mica during wrapping. The mica paper is pre -impregnated with a modified epoxy resin remains flexible upon curing.



The range of Remikaflex mica tapes are commonly used for the isolation of the coil heads rotating electrical machines in high voltage insulation systems work with thermal class F (155 ° C).

They are also used for isolation of copper strips.


Remikaflex 45004: Support glass fabric. Protective polyester film. Thickness: 0.12 mm, 0.17 mm
Remikaflex 45005: Support glass fabric and polyester film. Protective polyester film. Thickness: 0.14 mm
Remikaflex 45021: Support glass fabric. Without protection. Thickness: 0.12 mm
Remikaflex 45035: Support longitudinal threads glass and polyester film. Protective polyester film. Thickness: 0.14 mm


 cut ribbons:

Standard Tape width: 15, 20, 25 and 30 mm
Tolerances on the width to 20 mm: ± 0.5mm, & gt; 20 mm ± 1.0 mm
Standard core: 55 mm
Standard roll length: 50 meters