Presspahn in Rolls Grade P.4.1 A (Ex-3055)

Rolls of insulation board ( “presspahn”) are made from cellulose pulp to sulphate wood of 100% virgin and high chemical purity. Its surface finish allows for easy absorption both oils and resins and impregnation varnishes.



The product meets the specifications of standard IEC 60641-3-2 (2007): P.4.1 Grade A


In the electrical industry, very versatile product for its application in oil transformers for insulation parts, as in all applications where a durable, flexible and easily machinable insulating required.


In coils 1000 mm wide and 100 kg
Mini coils 20 m²
Cut rolls from 10 mm *.
76 mm inner diameter.

* Subject to availability and minimum order quantity.