Polyester Film Adhesive Tape for masking B204

protective adhesive tape.
 Polyester film backing and silicone adhesive.
 Thermal term resistance to 204 ° C.
 The B204 tape is a tape based on a polyester film 36 .mu.m thick coated on one side with a layer of silicone adhesive.
 Thick polyester film support minimizes the risk of breakage thereof during the stripping of the tape also the silicone adhesive is formulated not to leave any residue.
 It can be applied either manually or by machine thanks to its constant resistance unwinding the roll.
 The adhesive used is synthetic rubber type with high initial adhesion ( “tack”).



Especially suitable for all applications of “masking” (Powder coating, electrostatic, anodizing processes, printing processes splices, etc.), including PCB, protecting the substrate from chemical attack and splashes.