Glassmat Polyester Rigid Laminate UPGM 203 (GP03)

UPGM 203 (GP03) – English acronym for Unsaturated Polyester Glass Mat- is composed of endless glass threads impregnated with a high grade polyester resin, is then pressed under high temperature to obtain a polyvalent electrically insulating rigid laminate.



IEC 60893-3-5 (2004): UPGM 203


Glass mat and polyester resin rigid laminates quality UPGM 203 (GP03) are used for a diverse range of both electrical and mechanical applications. Due to its excellent mechanical and thermal properties it is ideal for use as bar holders, spacers, control panels and many more, where a Class F material is required. The product complies with UL94 flame resistance test to V0, as well as having an outstanding tracking resistance.