Ferromagnetic Rigid Laminate (Magnetic wedges)

Ferrotex is produced using glass cloth, iron powder and a modified epoxy resin which are then hot pressed into a rigid laminate. This material shows a very good magnetic conductivity (permeability) combined with a high electrical resistivity and good mechanical strength at elevated temperatures.

Ferrotex magnetic plates have the ability to channel the magnetic flow through them. Iron particles within the material are easily magnetized aligning and changing its polarization along with the surrounding magnetic field generated by the machine, this increases the overall magnetic flux within the electric motors and generators, improving its overall performance.

Due to its high iron powder content, machined wedges made from Ferrotex  are sensitive to ambient humidity and can be easily oxidized, it is recommended to store the finished parts in a dry place within their original packaging.

All types of wedges can be supplied according customer’s drawings, please ask our customer service.



UNE-EN 60893-3-2 (2004): Similar to EPGC 203


It is mainly used in the production of slot wedges for induction motors. Slot wedges have to be fixed* firmly in the slots by using a proper adhesive, otherwise there is a risk of loosening of the wedges in the slot, as this material is affected by the alternating magnetic field, the movement of the wedge along its slot produces a “grinding” effect with the magnetic iron with a risk of detachment of the wedges which can eventually cause a motor malfunction.

*For this purpose we recommend our two component epoxy resin system ULTIMEG 2020.