Cogemica® Range of Porous Mica Tapes for VPI

The Cogemica®-VPI tape is manufactured from muscovite mica paper Cogemica.
 A paper with high porosity laminated on one side to a support which gives strength, and the other (optional, depending on type) to a protective layer that prevents the release of the mica particles during wrapping all linked by a small amount of specially formulated epoxy resin.
 During manufacture, the volatile content enjoyable 0.5% of total weight is reduced, achieving a dry, flexible, highly absorbent and compatible with all types of tape impregnating resins VPI.
 The Cogemica®-VPI accelerant tapes are compatible with most impregnation resins employed today. The properties of the full insulation systems depend heavily on the quality of the impregnating resin used in the VPI process.
 The Cogemica tapes along with the impregnating resin for VPI ULTIMEG 2002 HV form a tested insulation system, high-quality, long-term durability and performance.



The range of Cogemica®-VPI tape is suitable for hand wrapping or machine coils and of rotating electrical machines of high voltage. These highly porous with excellent impregnability tapes are ideal not only for individual production of coils but also to the global impregnation fully-wound stators.


VPI-608 Cogemica® R. support film or polyester fabric.
Cogemica®-VPI 608 ASR. As accelerator 608 to pre-catalyzed resins.
VPI-609 Cogemica® R. support glass fabric.
Cogemica®-VPI 609 ASR. As accelerator 609 to pre-catalyzed resins.


cut from 10 mm to 1000 mm tapes
Tolerances on the width to 20 mm: ± 0.5 mm, & gt; 20 mm ± 1.0 mm
Cores available: 25, 40, 55 and 76 mm
Standard roll length: 50 meters