Plants and Process Equipment for Impregnation and Curing

Curing and thermal oxidation ovens (Pyrolysis)

Our range of ovens, both curing and thermal oxidation (pyrolysis) are designed and built specifically for the electromechanical sector and guarantee an adequate, efficient, fast and economical process.

The curing ovens are responsible for ensuring that the curing process of the dielectric resins or varnishes has been carried out in the correct temperature and time scaling.

The thermal oxidation furnaces (pyrolysis) eliminate all organic compounds, including all the insulating material, safely and cleanly, allowing a subsequent repair of the equipment with the maximum guarantees.

Vacuum and pressure impregnation machines VPI

 width= The Plants and Equipment for Vacuum and Pressure Impregnation (VPI Technology) are the definitive tool for both original equipment manufacturers and electrical equipment maintenance and repair companies.

The possibility of applying under pressure inside the process chamber allows the impregnation of medium and high voltage insulation systems as well as obtaining compact coils of the highest quality and resistance, both electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental.

The VPI plants have become an indispensable tool for medium and large repairers who want to access the demanding maintenance market of the current advanced electric machines with the maximum guarantees of success.

Compact Machines VI and Other Equipment


Our Vacuum Impregnation Equipment VI – acronym in English for Vacuum Impregnation – accelerates the penetration of new generation insulation resins between the windings, optimizing the technical performance of the insulation system and offering a high and very stable quality level.

Their compact size makes them perfect for repair shops or manufacturers of small motors and transformers who want to use high performance impregnation resins with warranty.

AEV Iberica also designs and manufactures equipment for special applications and processes.

Consult your needs with us!

Resin Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Machines

AEV Ibérica manufactures resin metering, mixing and dispensing machines for encapsulation of components using two-part epoxy and polyurethane resin systems.

The AEV Ibérica technology allows for an easy automation of your encapsulation process, streamlining the process and saving product since there is no waste of resin.

Resin dispensing machines are tailor made made for each application, required flow by the client and suited to the properties of the chosen resin (viscosity, mixing ratio, etc.).

Our machines maintain the two resin parts in separarte tanks and circuits during the whole process, only merging and mixing the very end of the dispensing line.

This offers a great ease of use since there is no need for cleaning the inside of the machine after each use.

Maintenance and cleaning of these type of machines is very simple and based on the replacement of the disposable static mixer tip.