Electrical Insulating Materials. Machines and Equipment for Electrical Insulation (VPI Vacuum Presure Impregnation Plants, Curing and Pyrolysis Ovens)

Custom Solutions for Electrical Insulation Systems


We provide our customers with a powerful organization equipped with the technical means and materials necessary for the design, manufacture and supply of all types of insulating parts machined from both rigid and flexible materials.

Our department of machining of rigid materials has specialized machinery for cutting, CNC milling, turning, assembling, etc … of all types of parts under plan.

Also the division of conversion of flexible insulating materials is equipped with machinery suitable for rewinding and cutting rolls, cutting pieces, marking, folding, adhesive or die cutting according to customer specifications.

Materials and Accessories for Electrical Insulation Systems


In our more than 1500 m² warehouse we have a large stock of insulation materials and accessories for the electromechanical sector.

Among these materials we find from liquids such as resins and dielectric varnishes through rigid as plates and laminates of all qualities and thicknesses or flexible as cartons, insulating laminates, technical adhesive tapes and mica tapes.

Finally, we complement our offer with all kinds of components and accessories such as: Woven ribbons, tie ropes, insulating tubes, connection cables, thermistors, temperature probes, etc …

Plants and Process Equipment for Electrical Insulation

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The «Process Technology» division specializes in the design, construction, delivery, installation and commissioning of Plants and Equipment designed to meet your needs.

Our technical office department consists of a large team of engineers and designers, endorsed by extensive experience in this field, has the support of all the latest generation tools including 3D design and simulation tools necessary to offer you the best solution. adequate in:

Impregnation Plants by Immersion and by Vacuum and Pressure (VPI). Curing ovens for resins and varnishes. Cleaning furnaces by thermal oxidation (pyrolysis). Special design machines and “Turnkey” projects.

Integral Insulation Solutions for Electrical Machines

Featured Products



AEV Ibérica: We create electrical insulation solutions.

The AEV Group is in constant contact with the needs of the manufacturers of electromechanical equipment, maintenance companies, agents and distributors of electrical equipment worldwide.

Since its beginnings in the early 80’s of last century in the United Kingdom, the AEV Group has expanded all over the world thanks to investments in new manufacturing and distribution centers in Spain (Barcelona), Italy and Malaysia, besides having Representations in the United States and India and establish agreements for national or regional distribution in all continents.

In the AEV Group we are specialized in offering our customers all kinds of solutions focused on their electrical insulation needs.

  1. UK – AEV Ltd.
  2. Spain – AEV Iberica, S.L.
  3. Italy – AEV Srl
  4. Malaysia – AEV Asia Sdn.Bhd.
  5. Brazil – AEV do Brazil
  6. India – Chetak Manufacturing Co.
  7. North America – Gabriel Inc.

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