Yellow Polyester Film Adhesive Tape B702

B702 tape is composed of a support polyester film and adhesive highly efficient synthetic rubber. The polyester film has excellent mechanical properties dielécticas and moderate temperatures work. The rubber adhesive provides high initial and permanent adhesion on any substrate and a temperature tolerance of up to 130 ° C.



The B702 tape is especially suitable for use with cables or parts impregnated with wax or other fats, where the use of non-corrosive tape with high initial adhesion ( “tack”) is required.

Use as a topcoat in capacitors encapsulated with resin or the type of plastic film.

Phase insulation and coil heads. Reinforced edges for insulation slot and slot insulation in general. Sealing connectors in the final insulation.

Core insulation, and final isolation layer in small transformers, chokes and relays.