Ultinom NMG (Nomex/PET/Glass Cloth)

The flexible laminate ULTINOM NMG – acronym Mylar Nomex Glass- is made from polyester film coated on one side with aramid paper Nomex® T411 and tissue E-glass on the opposite side. The polyester film provides excellent electrical insulation while Nomex® provides high tear resistance, resin absorption and thermal insulation. The glass fabric provides superior temperature resistance and thermal shock.
 The laminate is distinguished by its high dielectric and thermal properties, being particularly resistant to tearing due to the glass fabric. The presence of a layer of Nomex T411 makes the product particularly porous and absorbing all types of coatings and impregnating resins.



Suitable material for high temperature applications in electric motors and generators as insulation between phase thermal insulation systems class F and H.


In coils 950 mm wide and 50 kg (Other weights and widths available, please consult).

76 mm inner diameter.

Rolls cut from 10 mm width.
Availability of all types of cut pieces to measure, stamped, folded, adhesivadas, etc.