Ultimeg GP2220 Filling Putty

 Class H (180 ° C)
 epoxy novolac
 monkey component mastic
 Heat cure
 Putty Enhanced filling and sealing in rotating electrical machines and high-voltage traction.



ULTIMEG 2220GP is a putty filler based on epoxy novolac single component used for filling voids and cavities in large rotating electrical machines.
 This product is used in conjunction with the impregnation resins ULTIMEG # 2002 and # 2220 family and traction applications in high voltage insulation systems designed for operating temperatures of 180 to 220C.
 Putty is applied before impregnation and cured in the oven while the impregnating resin.
 The resulting system upon curing, comprising the cured mastic tapes isolation and impregnating resin provide excellent integrity machines, also characterized by a high mechanical resistance, high thermal dissipation and very good electrical properties and chemical resistance .