Ultimeg 2050 L

solventless epoxy resin
 Mono component
 Low curing temperature
 “0” V.O.C. (Volatile organic compounds)
 high cohesion
 thermal class H (180 ° C)
 Impregnation dropwise armatures and stators of electric machines, where exceptionally high chemical and mechanical cohesion properties are required. Suitable for hermetic and semi-hermetic applications


The resin ULTIMEG 2050L is an epoxy system thermal class H (180 ° C), mono-component impregnating dropwise.

This new formulation has a lower viscosity thus facilitating its use by machines dispensing. It is designed to provide high cohesion at very high temperature, suitable to be used in the manufacture of motors for machine tool, reducing the failure rate production quality.

The product offers the advantage be nonflammable and be virtually free of organic volatiles. Applying a thin stream of material on the heated rotating winding and allows quick and complete impregnation, polymerizing rapidly at low temperature without wringing. The resin layer when cured has excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal properties, and may also be used in hermetic and resistant Freon equipment.

Complete filling of the windings facilitates better heat transfer which results is a longer life of the components.