Ultimeg 2020

epoxy resin twin
 Room temperature cure
 Impregnation dropwise
 thermal class H
 Impregnation dropwise armatures and stators of electric machines, and also for encapsulation, sealing, etc .. small electrical and electronic components.
 Impregnation drop by drop static and rotating armatures and stators, components to be treated are usually processed at a temperature of between 60 to 80 ° C although this temperature can be varied depending on the size of the components.
 The resin mixture is poured onto 2020 hot component, whereby the gelling process takes place during the impregnation process.


The ULTIMEG 2020 resin is an epoxy system thermal class H (180 ° C), double-component impregnating dropwise. Its new formulation is characterized by high cohesion at very high temperature and a low mass loss by thermal decomposition.
 The system is very easy to process providing excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals.