Ultimeg 2000/720 Masking Grease

 Generally the product is excellent protection type “masking” for all types of machined such as shafts, studs, threaded holes or blind holes, etc. surfaces
 Apply ULTIMEG 2000/720 hand, a brush or a cloth to all surfaces that want to keep clean resin upon curing.
 Remove excess material with a spatula or similar tool to leave a layer of 2-3 mm. Process the component as usual. When the component is fully cured, allowed to cool to room temperature. Simply clean rubbing with a cloth fat and resin / varnish surfaces, holes, etc.



The ULTIMEG 2000/720 fat is a compound specially designed to facilitate the task of “masking” or protecting surfaces when impregnating resins are used without diluents epoxy-based or polyester.

It is also suitable for use with most traditional varnishes with diluents.

Advantages of using this product compared to other protection solutions:

– Suitable for all types of impregnation processes: impregnation VI, VPI, immersion bath.
– Easy application without pre-drying or curing, without emissions, nonflammable.
– Fat is compatible with all impregnating resin systems with and without solvents,
– Do not contaminate stored varnish or resin.
– Designed for systems requiring high temperature polymer.
– After curing the fat is easily removed with a cloth.
– Fat has no effect on the performance of teams treated.