Ultimeg 2000/705 Masking Lacquer

Hairspray “masking”
 Fast dry
 Color blue
 Protection “masking” of all types of substrates before painting, varnishing or resin application.



The blue lacquer ULTIMEG 2000/705 is a thixotropic, flexible, resistant and easily peelable coating, based on cellulose acetate formulated for protection ( “masking”) of all substrates before being impregnated with resin or varnish.

The product can be easily applied by brushing or spraying and contains diluents high evaporation rate for very fast drying.

After the impregnation process with varnish or resin, the coating film can easily tear the substrate, similar to a plastic film, leaving the etched areas such as shafts, terminals, holes or studs, perfectly clean and free of debris.