Ultimeg 2000/380

Impregnating varnish alkyd-phenolic
 Excellent electrical properties
 high cohesion
 High flash point
 UL Listed (FILE No. E220579).
 Varnish general purpose high quality for impregnating all kinds of electric motors and generators, transformers, coils, relays, etc.


ULTIMEG 2000/380 is a varnish alkyd-phenolic type with a high flash point that provides a tough film, excellent insulating properties and very good adhesion throughout the temperature range of use to the H (180) class.
 The varnish has a high penetration with good retention and a low level of secondary drainage (which occurs in the early stages of oven curing). The system shows excellent stability which makes it particularly suitable for use in large storage tanks with low rotation.
 The product, when cured has excellent moisture resistance and insulating oils with certain full cure in the deeper areas of the windings. It has good flexibility and insulation terminal is compatible with all standard insulation systems.