Ultimeg 2000/376

Alkyd varnish anti flash type
 Air drying
 Low viscosity for direct use
 Suitable for noise reduction and protection against moisture in small transformers, anti-arc tropicalisation varnish and in all kinds of electrical equipment.
 It supplied with the right viscosity for direct use by immersion and spray.


anti-arc Varnish ULTIMEG 2000-376  provides a durable, insulating and waterproof seal in difficult environmental conditions. The system dries quickly in thin film form obtaining a highly effective seal against leakage and electrical tracking characteristics together with excellent noise reduction. The product, when cured, complies with the following international standards: BS 5629: Type 1.1 (IEC 85), is absolutely resistant to transformer oils and moisture. Suitable for use in insulation systems class B and F.

The varnish incorporates a fungicide totally harmless product which provides objects coated Total protection class 0 (no growth) according to standard BS 3900 PTG6. This additional feature makes this product suitable for use in tropicalización and warm, humid climates.