Ultimeg 2000/250

epoxy phenolic varnish
 Freon resistant
 high cohesion
 Class H (180 ° C)
 Special product designed specifically for impregnating engines hermetic and semi-hermetic where resistance is essential Freon compressors.


2000/250 ULTIMEG Varnish is a modified epoxy-phenolic type, which provides a highly durable protective film with exceptional resistance to chemical agents with high cohesion to the whole range of use temperatures to H (180) class.
 The varnish shows excellent penetration into the windings, good retention and a low level of secondary drainage (which occurs in the early stages of oven curing).
 The product, when cured, has exceptional resistance to chemicals and moisture.
 Varnish is suitable for use in hermetic and semi-hermetic systems containing refrigerants Arcton and Freon type including R21, R22, R134a and mineral oils and esters.