Ultiflex GKG Flexible Laminate

The flexible laminate ULTIFLEX GKG – acronym Kapton® Glass Glass – is made from a polyimide sheet coated on both sides with glass fabric. The polyimide film provides outstanding electrical insulation at high temperatures while the glass fabric provides excellent mechanical strength, resin absorption and thermal shock.
 Its properties include its high heat resistance above 200 ° C and its electrical and mechanical properties, especially tear latter thanks to its mechanical reinforcement of glass fabric. The adhesive used has high thermal resistance (class 200) and being fully polymerized is compatible with all types of resins and varnishes and coating protection.
 Optionally this laminate can be provided with other combinations of components: polyimide film of 0025, 0050, 0075 and 0125 mm and thicknesses other glass fabric.



The laminate Ultiflex GKG is an electrical insulator, thermal class 200 (200 ° C) generally used in electromechanical equipment where maximum properties of electrical and mechanical strength required at temperatures very high operation: Isolating bottom and slot closing engine low voltage, and especially in traction motors underground, railway, etc., insulation between phases of coils in electric motors exposed to constant and very rapid temperature changes.


In coils 900 mm wide.

76 mm inner diameter.

Coils 20 m²

Rolls cut from 10 mm width.
Availability of all types of cut pieces to measure, stamped, folded, adhesivadas, etc.