Ultifil 2001-810 NL

The resin ULTIFIL 2001 – NL 810 is a dual component epoxy system, with loads of black color and self-extinguishing.
 The system is characterized by its ease of processing at room temperature, good thermal shock resistance and a polymerized time good thermal conductivity.
 Extinguibilidad self resin is obtained without the use of flame retardant additives based on antimony, phosphorus or halogen compounds. Additionally the blend is characterized by its low viscosity and excellent surface finish of the components.


epoxy resin twin
Grade UL94 V0 self-extinguishing
Halogen-free, antimony or phosphorus
Color black (Other colors available on request)
UL approved (No. E174454)


For encapsulation, filling and sealing of electrical and electronic components.