Strips and Spacers for Coils

Separators coils are manufactured from sheets of insulating laminates of various qualities machined by a cutting and grinding with diamond. Separators rigid coils are responsible for separating and isolating the different windings. Also available with one or two layers of felt aramid goal. This felt fills the space between coils and once impregnated provides strength to the whole.
 Our separators made EPCG 203 (G11) are UL listed in the insulation system for AEV Ltd. E321249 class H 180.



They can be placed in strips within the slots coil as physical and electrical separation between coils in motors and generators medium and high voltage.

The vast majority of coil spacer strips are made from epoxy plates statified quality EPCG 203 (G11) because of its mechanical strength and high temperature stability. They are also used as spacers head coil and can be used in this case plate glass epoxy quality EPCG 201 (G10) or glass and polyester resin UPGM 203 (GPO3) since the operating temperature in this area is lower.


Thicknesses: As. From 0.2 to 50 mm. Thickness tolerance as flat or customer specifications.

Available: EPGC 203 (G11), EPGC 201 (G10), UPGM 203 (GPO3). Other (please inquire).

Mechanized strips plane and in variety of shapes and tolerances.