Slot Liners

The parts for slot coating may be made from any insulating flexible material which is cut and shaped to fit within the slots of the motor or generator. Typically such film or film laminates such as electrical grade polyester, Dacron-Mylar (DMD), Nomex Mylar (NMN) or Nomex-Kapton (NKN) materials are used. Depending on the electric field or temperature of the engine should use a different combination of materials and thicknesses. Generally, for temperatures similar work, the use of more thermally resistant combinations extend the life of the insulation.



The slot coating is used as ground insulation into the slot between the winding motor and the magnetic plate. The coating slot has two basic functions: to electrically isolate the winding to prevent earth faults and protect the coil with the magnetic friction pack during insertion or vibrations during operation.


cut, bent parts, stampings low level and in variety of shapes and all kinds of materials.