Siliconized Polyester Film (Release film)

The siliconized polyester film is composed of a sheet of polyester film coated with a thin layer of transparent silicone. This sheet has a virtual absence of migration, ie the transfer of silicones or other substances from the release film to the material to be protected. Excellent uniformity of coating weight, available on one or two sides. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance of the polyester support. High stability under extreme environmental conditions.
 The thermal resistance of the release films based on polyester is 130 ° C for extended periods, increasing to 200 ° C for short periods (1 hour).



Employed in the field of repair and maintenance of motors and generators as demoulding film during hot pressing high voltage coils type “Resin Rich” manufactured with resin pre-impregnated products.

Also widely used in the plastics industry as a release for the manufacture of molded parts, industry as asphalt sheets protection film of the adhesive layer. chemical industry as anti-adhesive on both sides for packaging waxes and viscous products, etc ..


In coils width 1000 mm and length of 25 and 100 meters.

76 mm inner diameter.