Presspahn/Polyester Film Flexible Laminate

The laminate PM – acronym presspahn Mylar- is composed of a calendered paper power quality (presspahn) bonded to a polyester film laminate PETP forming a shaped duplex (two layers). The polyester film provides good electrical insulation while presspahn paper provides improved tear strength and absorption varnish.



Due to its characteristics laminates PM  are products used as electrical insulation, thermal class B (130 ° C): isolation groove (background and closing), insulation between phases of electric motors with copper wire, insulation between transformer windings.


In coils 1000 mm wide and 50 kg (Other weights and widths available, please consult).

76 mm inner diameter.

Rolls cut from 10 mm width.
Availability of all types of cut pieces to measure, stamped, folded, adhesivadas, etc.