Presspahn Boards Grade B.2.1 A (Ex-3050)

Pressboards are made from 100% virgin unbleached sulphate cellulose pulp. This material shows a very good stability under long term high temperature. The product is calendered yielding a medium density board with an even finished natural brown colour smooth surface which makes them very versatile.

Its surface finish allows for easy absorption of both: oils and impregnation varnishes or resins.



IEC 60893-3-1 (2008): B.2.1 Grade A


It is widely used in the electrical industry. The product is compatible with all mineral based dielectric oils and it can also be used in conjunction with monoisopropilbiphenil (mipb’s) and silicon fluids. The main application is for the insulation of oil filled distribution transformers, widely used also for the insulation of low voltage electrical rotating and static equipment such as motors and low voltage dry transformers. Thanks to its outstanding mechanical properties it is a common material for the production of punched and folded insulating parts.