Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape B031

The adhesive tape B031 is based on polyimide film (Kapton® type) with an adhesive polysiloxane (silicone). This film shows excellent resistance to solvents and the very high temperature and very good both electrical and mechanical properties.
 Suitable for working in insulation systems thermal class H (180) also has very good heat resistance up to 400 short term (a few minutes).
 Self-extinguishing (according UL510).



The B031 tape is especially suitable for use in high temperature applications very such as:

Insulation in industrial and traction motors.
Masking tape to protect printed circuit terminals solder baths.
outer insulating jacket for transformers, coils bonds in armor.
Phase insulation and coil heads. Reinforced edges for insulation slot and slot insulation in general. Sealing connectors in the final insulation.