Phenolic Coton Cloth Rigid Laminate PFCC 201 (Hgw2082) “Celotex”

PFCC rigid laminates are produced by hot pressing multiple layers of unbleached cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin.
Depending on the specific market, the product is also widely known under commericla brand names such as “Celotex”, “Celoron”, etc.
It withstands a wide variety of solvents, acids and oils.
The internal cotton fabric structure confers good mechanical properties in compression and a low coefficient of friction.



UNE-EN 60893-3-4: PF CC 201
DIN 7735: Hgw 2082
NEMA LI (1983): C


Phenolic resin cotton cloth rigid laminates are suitable for mechanical applications such as gears, friction rollers, vacuum pump vanes and friction surfaces in general.