NMN Slot Closures

NMN Flexible Slot Closures are made from a triple laminate composed of a polyester film coated on both sides with Nomex® aramid paper finish. This laminate is molded by a continuous process heating, forming and shape fixed by rapid cooling in special molds in the form of U.
 The polyester film provides good electrical insulation while Nomex® provides excellent tear resistance, resin absorption and thermal insulation



They are used as coil closure slot in low voltage motors of medium size. They can also be used as separators coils.
NMN Flexible Slot Closures are distinguished by high mechanical, especially tear dielectric properties, and high heat resistance. suitable for high temperature applications in electric motors and generators as slot closing coil low voltage motors medium-sized material. Can also be used as separators in coils insulation thermal class H


Standard width (perimeter): 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 21 and 24 mm

Thickness: 0.36 mm

Standard length: 1000 ± 10 mm
Other custom lengths from 10 mm available on request.

Packaged in sealed plastic bags of 100 pc.