Meggawash 420 Aerosol

Cleaning solvent
 Does not attack the ozone layer
 rapid evaporation
 Without residues
 Flash point -40 ° C
 This product is extremely effective as an agent for cold cleaning of oil, grease, dust and generally all dirt accumulated in both electrical and mechanical industrial components and electronic: Electric motors, generators, clutches, brakes, transmission chains, etc. ..
 For electrical components having a large amount of carbon deposits MEGGAWASH 420 provides an alternative faster evaporation MEGGAWASH 410 within the cleaning system patented AYRODEV PROCESS 1 .



MEGGAWASH 420 is a mixture of cold cleaning solvents, respectful with ozone, with an evaporation rate comparable to that of trichloroethane 1,1,1.

The system is characterized by its excellent degreasing without leaving residues after evaporation.

It can be supplied either in liquid form as aerosol packaging, showing in both cases a high exposure limit for users thereof, allowing intensive use without special precautions.