Meggaclean 440 Aerosol

Does not attack the ozone layer
 Does not attack plastics
 Not stain
 Without residues
 rapid evaporation
 Stable and inert
 Especially suitable for cleaning all types of mechanical, electrical and electronic components: relays, switches, contactors, signaling and alarm, printed circuit boards, contacts, electrical control cabinets and power, laboratory equipment, readheads , etc..



MEGGACLEAN 440 CONTACT CLEANER is a cleaning solvent that does not attack the ozone layer.

After application the product leaves a work surface perfectly clean and free of debris.

The product contains no lubricants, non-corrosive and non-staining, allowing the complete and rapid liquid evaporation.

The solvent is supplied in aerosol form and has a high occupational exposure limit resulting in user comfort and ease of use.