Machined Support Rings

Our range of machined parts as are many applications in the electromechanical industry as components in motors, generators, transformers, power electronics, etc ..
 They are manufactured from various types of laminated rigid depending on the desired end properties.



The support rings are used as reinforcement for connections rotors rotating machines such as wind turbines which are subject significant mechanical stress during operation.

Slipring separators are placed between the collectors of the rotor to separate and electrically isolate said rings.


Rings and machined rings can be made from the following materials: PFCP ( “bakelite paper”), PFCC ( “Celotex”), UPGM (GP03), EPCG (G10, G11, FR4, FR5), EPGM, rolled fabric and “filament winding”.

AEV Iberica supplies all kinds of cut pieces and ground, milled, drilled, etc. according flat specifications.