Machined Slot Wedges

The cover wedges machined are made from epoxy glass plates which have been machined by a cutting, milling and grinding with diamond. Closing wedges are indispensable in any motor or generator sized to enclose the windings in the slot preventing movement of these. Our sills are approved UL in the insulation system for AEV ltd E321249 class H 180.



The vast majority of G11 epoxy glass wedges are made because of its mechanical strength and temperature resistance. In cases where you want to increase the rotating magnetic field of the stator can be used Ferrotex sills. This material is similar to G11 but with a high iron content powder.


Thicknesses: 1.0 to 20 mm. Tol. Thickness: s / UNE-EN 60893-3-5 Standard

Materials: G11, G10, Ferrotex, Celotex

Mechanized sills or wedges plane and in variety of shapes and tolerances.