Cable Jointing Kits

The polyurethane resin Ultifil 054CJ AEV, has been created especially for encapsulating voltage cables, telecommunications signal. The two-component system polyurethane resin is supplied in a convenient and practical LinkPack with a safety lock in the center, it keeps the two substances separated far providing mixing:

The minimal waste of material. Each kit carries the exact amount of resin for the complete filling of the housing that incorporates. &lt;/ Li&gt;</li>
The concept of mixed inside the bag provides extra safety because the operator has no direct contact with the mixture.

The resin has been certified according to the standard CENELEC HD623



Cable Kit Union AEV resin.

  • Flexible resistant
  • Shock Case
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • polyurethane resin system Cenelec HD631.1
  • Ability cable from 1mm2-600mm2
  • Safety locks
  • Provides high moisture resistance
  • High performance against climatic inclemency