Hot Rolled Fiberglass Epoxy Resin Rod EPCG 42

The quality EPCG 42 bars – stands for “Epoxy Glass Cloth” – are made by winding glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin, then pressed in a mold hot and under pressure to obtain a solid cylindrical bar. Its composition is resistant to all types of varnishes and resins as well as dielectric transformer oil and chemicals commonly used in the electricity sector.



IEC 61212-3-3: EP GC 42


The solid bars epoxy glass (EPCG grade 42) are suitable for a wide range of applications both electrical and mechanical. Thanks to their excellent mechanical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures, is an ideal product for the manufacture of insulating support rods rotating machines, tooling medium and high voltage transformers, etc. In general in all those applications where good performance is required against mechanical stresses, both tensile and bending and especially against efforts expansion or radial contraction working at elevated temperatures.


Diameters: Check availability mold in each case.
(Non available diameters in mold machining obtainable by)

Tolerance: Output mold s / IEC 61212-3-3: Table 2a
machined bar: s / IEC 61212-3-3: Table 2b

Maximum length: Approx. 1000 mm (unspliced)

Finish: Output mold or machining (natural or varnishing) to the desired diameter