Glass Epoxy Rigid Laminate EPGC 201 (G10)

EPGC 201 boards – Acronym of Epoxy Glass Cloth- are composed of layered woven glass sheets impregnated with epoxy resin. These are then pressed under high temperature to obtain an electrical insulating rigid laminate.
Thanks to its structure, the rigid laminate EPCG 201 (G10) offers good thermal and chemical resistance as well as very good mechanical properties at continuous working temperatures up thermal class B (130°C).



UNE-EN 60893-3-2 (2004): EP GC 201,
NEMA LI-1: G10,
DIN 7735: Hgw 2372


Our epoxy glass plates in quality EPCG 201 (G10) are suitable for a diverse range of both electrical and mechanical applicators. Due to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties it is ideal for use as wedging material, mechanical barriers, electrical switch board manufacture and many more requiring high dynamic stress resistance, outstanding moisture resistance and dielectric strength.