Glass Bading Tape Ultiglass

The tape for strapping Ultiglass H (200) is manufactured from yarns of high strength glass arranged in parallel in the direction of the tape and subsequently impregnated with a polyester resin of high heat resistance.
 The tape is supplied and applied in state B (prepreg), reaching its maximum tensile strength and elongation after a low temperature cure process.
  Strapping Tape Technical specifications



It is used to replace the steel wire in the strapping induced DC motors. also used as fastening element columns of the cores and transformer coils as both dry type encapsulated in resin.
To facilitate application and get a better finish, the ULTIGLASS tapes should be stored at low temperature and before being used must have been for several hours at room temperature (not less than 15 ° C).

It recommended preheating the armature and tape applying a constant voltage through a strapping machine manufactured for this purpose.

Report Taping calculation with zuncho (e )


In rolls of 200 meters. plastic inner core 76 mm
standard widths: 20, 25 and 30 mm.
Available in other widths and lengths per roll on special order.