Fiberglass Filled Polyester Cord

The cord tied fiberfill glass comprises an outer sheath based polyester fibers braided inner filler based on continuous glass fibers type E. The polyester cover keeps the fibers together glass and prevents possible allergic reactions caused by direct contact with the skin glass. The glass filler endows cord extraordinary thermal and mechanical resistance, maintaining their flexibility which facilitates easy application and fastening system and tied.
 Thanks to its fiberglass filler, the cord maintains its mechanical integrity and therefore its function throughout the working temperature range. Lacking any kind of treatment of the fibers, it is fully compatible with all types of resins and impregnating varnishes, finishing and protection. Depending on the type of resin used for subsequent impregnation and other thermal insulation materials of this class cord can vary from class F, H or C.



Bound applications in general to the electromechanical sector. Bound (sewn) heads coils of motors and generators of medium and large size must or may be impregnated later.


In rolls of varying length depending on the diameter (see).
Diameters from 3 to 20 mm as standard. Other diameters available upon request (see).