EPR self-fusing tape 2517

It possesses excellent electrical and physical properties together with a high degree of stability under extreme conditions.
 The tape is quickly amalgam when wrapped with tension providing a homogeneous and compact wrapping without applying any pressure or external heat.
 Compatible with all types of rubbers and plastics used as cable insulation, including polyethylene, XLPE, ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), PVC, butyl rubber and neoprene.
 Excellent water resistance and ozone.
 To cut the tape appears without trace allowing its use as insulation or temporary protection. continuous operating temperatures from -40 to + 100C. It is supplied in a format very easy to apply with disposable separator film.



Used for sealing and insulation all joints in power cables and high voltage to 69 kV. Sealing, insulation and protection of electrical and electromechanical components.