Epoxy Glassfiber Rolled Tubes EPCG 22 (G11)

The EPCG tubes 22 – stands for “Epoxy Glass Cloth” – are manufactured by winding hot and pressurized glass fabric impregnated with an epoxy resin of high performance. The tube thus obtained is subsequently subjected to a curing process in the oven. Its composition tube is resistant to all types of paints and resins as well as the dielectric transformer oil and chemicals customary in the sector.



IEC 61212-3-1: EP GC 22


Tubes general purpose Enhanced mechanical and electrical high temperature resistance (up to 155). Cylinders and insulating bushes, switchgear, bushings, spacers, guides, clamping bars, etc.


Dimensions: Diameter: From inside diameter 5 mm.
Wall thickness: & gt; 1 mm.

Tolerances: Outside diameter: Output tool (rolled and curing): s / IEC 61212-3-1: 2nd Table
External machining: s / IEC 61212-3-1: Table 2b
inner diameter: IEC 61212-3-1: Table 3
Wall thickness: IEC 61212-3-1: Table 4

Maximum length: Approx. 1200 mm (unspliced).

Finish: Exterior raw or machined (natural or varnishing) to the desired diameter.