Electrical Grade Polyester Film

The polyester film is the product of polycondensation between ethylene glycol and tereftalático acid.
 It is a product of high flexibility, high mechanical strength and exceptional dimensional stability.
 All the electrical, physical, thermal and chemical properties of the polyester film allow a variety of applications.
 The film can be laminated, etched, corrugated, tinting, etc. It can also be supplied with special coatings or treatments.



Thanks to its unique properties the polyester film is wide range of applications, among which we can relate: electromechanical applications in motors and generators to thermal class B (130 ° C), cable industry, capacitors, flexible printed circuits, printing, tapes adhesive, etc ..


In coils 1000 mm wide and 50 kg (Other weights and widths available, please consult).

76 mm inner diameter.

Rolls cut from 10 mm width.
Availability of all types of cut pieces to measure, stamped, folded, adhesivadas, etc.