DyFlex (Saturated DMD)

The flexible laminate DyFlex SDF (DMD saturated) – acronym Dacron Mylar Dacron- is made from a polyester film coated PETP both sides of nonwoven polyester fibers. The polyester film provides good electrical insulation while Dacron provides greater tear resistance and absorbing resin.
 The three materials are bonded under pressure and temperature and then saturated with a resin thermal class F to obtain a product of thermal index 155 ° C. The polyester film backing is also thermo-stabilized to minimize shrinkage at high temperature.
 The ratio of the different materials is expressed in mils (1 mil = 25.4 microns). For example the DMD (2/3/2) is composed of 2,000 Dacron, Mylar 3000 and 2000 of Dacron.



The film DyFlex SDF (DMD saturated) has good mechanical properties both as power. Thanks to its smooth surface can be easily processed on automatic machines. By its nature is a product used in isolation groove (background and closing), insulation between phases of electric motors with copper wire, insulation between turns of transformers, etc.


In coils 1000 mm wide and about 50 kg (Other weights and widths available, please consult).

76 mm inner diameter.

Rolls cut from 10 mm width.
Availability of all types of cut pieces to measure, stamped, folded, adhesivadas, etc.