Diamond Dotted Press Paper (DDP)

The presspahn I diamond is formed by a base of high density paper manufactured from virgin pulp printed on both sides with a thin layer of epoxy resin in state B rhomboid. The B-staged resin has been applied at low temperature in order to retain its shape but is not fully polymerized. a temperature above 105 ° C is required to complete the curing process.
 The times and temperatures recommended process must be respected to ensure maximum strength and durability of the assembly.
 To prevent premature polymerization of the resin is recommended to keep the presspahn I diamond in a cool environment at all times.



The diamond presspahn (Diamond Dotted presspahn or DDP) is mainly used as insulation between layers of coils immersed in transformer oil. The arrangement of the rhombuses resin is such to allow oil flow between them when cured.

The presspahn diamond improves the cohesion of the winding over other systems because the epoxy resin acts as an adhesive.


Coils in total variable width depending on the needs and about 100 kg.

76 mm inner diameter.

also available in rolls cut from 10 mm width.