Creped Paper Tape

The crepe paper is made from paper kraf -Presspahn not very Fino calendering which has been subjected to a creping process, leaving its rippled surface with undulations mico. Crepe paper is made starting from cellulose long fibers, 100% pure sulfate. Totally free of fillers, additives, chlorides and sulphates.
 Versions of creping paper with graphite or aluminum for applications where a degree required electrical conductivity d



The crepe paper is mainly used in the construction of oil transformers. Creping the paper allows to adapt to any surface and allows thick insulation walls (depending on the number of layers) to maintain physical and electrical separation of the components.


In coils 1000 mm wide and 100 kg

Cut rolls from 10 mm *.
76 mm inner diameter.

* Subject to availability and minimum order quantity.