Aquameg 850

Co-phenolic polymer
 High Power binder
 Very low content of volatile
 thermal class H (180 ° C)
 Varnish general purpose high quality and high cohesion for impregnation of transformers.
 Coils, inductances in general, relays and a variety of electric motors.


850 AQUAMEG a water impregnating varnish based on modified phenolic copolymers that provides a durable, insulating and with a high binding power over the range of operating temperatures to thermal class H (180 ° C) film.

Its high power binder can be used even in concentrations of about 20% solids.

When insulation systems use thermal class above, this varnish can be used in components working at temperatures up to 220C.

Being water based it is absolutely nonflammable, does not give off odors or annoying or aggressive vapors, do not need special facilities or measures storage and allows much safer handling for operators. The varnish has a low volatile organic content (VOC), emit very low levels of contaminants.

The product, when cured shows excellent resistance to mineral oils, moisture and chemicals. resistance to mineral oils, moisture and chemicals.